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Just a small man with a big heart,

serving a much bigger God.


I created this website to get a bit closer than we have been before, especially now

that I am moving to the other side of the globe. I have found hope does not settle for surface-level relationships or mere highlight reels of life on a screen—it crashes through your screen & invites you to share a cup of tea with someone in a different time zone than your own. I am moving to South Korea & I want you to come along for the journey—for the good, for the bad, and, of course, for all of the Kimchi!

This website will be my outlet for sharing countless stories of how God is moving

all over this world with all of you.


During my time in South Korea, I will be teaching English and working with North Korean refugees as a Fulbright scholar. This is a dream that God has had on my heart ever since I was in high school, and I am thrilled to finally be stepping into it. In addition to my work in South Korea, my hope is to also use this website as a platform to eventually launch my first book that I finished writing during my senior year of college at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Writing a book was certainly a

daunting task, but publishing a book will be another journey in and of itself.

I am beyond excited to invite you along for that adventure as well! 

Share the posts on this website, comment on them, and please message me if God has used any of these stories to impact your life in any way. The reason why I am here is to remind this world that there is still so much hope, and it is not going away

anytime soon. Hope is one of three eternal flames, never to be extinguished,

lighting eternity for all who are willing to just open their eyes and see it.

Love was never meant to stay inside; hope is not meant to either.

With Hope,

James Richard Davisson

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Disclaimer: This site is not an official Fulbright Program site. The views expressed on this site are entirely mine and do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State or any of its partner organizations.

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